Consolidate Regional Warehouses

Warehouse on Wheels Overview

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Significantly Reduces Real Estate Costs while
Improving Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction!

Consolidating regional facilities into single distribution center that utilizes the Warehouse on Wheels System eliminates duplicate costs, including real estate, inventory, equipment and labor:

  • Eliminates brick and mortar expenses
  • Lowers operating costs by eliminating redundant equipment, inventory, job functions and facilities costs.
  • Improves efficiency
  • Less physical inventory and labor required for daily service to customers.
  • Higher level of customer satisfaction
  • Faster, easier loading due to walk through doors at the front and rear of each body.
  • Less damage and incorrect orders
  • More Flexibility
  • Streamlines local delivery operations at the regional market with all the benefits of the Demountable Truck Body System for straight-trucks.

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Printable Demountable Concept Diagram

A client in Indiana consolidated three warehouses into one centralized distribution center utilizing Warehouse on Wheels distribution to five strategically located drop yards.


Before implementing Warehouse on Wheels the company had three warehouses with duplicate costs for machinery, inventory, employees, maintenance, utilities and real estate.


After implementing Warehouse on Wheels the same company now has one central warehouse with truck-based distribution to drop-yards in five regional markets.

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