Expand Straight Truck Delivery Service to Remote Markets wthout Regional Warehouses or Cross-Docks

Expand Regional Distribution

Warehouse on Wheels Overview

The Complete Story


Expand Operations to Regional Markets without the
Expense of Adding Warehouses or Cross-Docks!

This easy to implement, truck-based alternative to brick and mortar facilities provides many benefits:

  • Reduces brick and mortar expenses
  • Increases control over inventory
  • Lowers payroll expenses
  • Faster, easier loading due to walk through doors at the front and rear of each body.
  • Less damage and incorrect orders
  • Better daily service
  • Decreases operating costs
  • Adds scheduling flexibility
  • Streamlines local delivery operations at the regional market with all the benefits of the Demountable Truck Body System for straight-trucks.

Demountable Concepts:

  • Does not build truck bodies or sell/lease vehicles
  • Provides the Demountable System components
  • Works with your truck and body providers
  • Installs System into leased and purchased equipment
  • Has installation centers throughout North America

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Please call 1-800-254-3643 or click “get started” today to find out how the Warehouse on Wheels System eliminates the need for regional warehouses or cross-docks when expanding into new markets.

Contact Demountable Concepts for More Information about the Straight Truck Swap Body System or the Warehouse on Wheels System

Printable Demountable Concept Diagram

Warehouse on Wheels: Provide Straight Truck Delivery in Remote Markets without the Expense of Regional Warehouses or Cross-Docks

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