Demountable Swap Body System for Straight Delivery Trucks - Spend Less, Deliver More!

Small Fleet Efficiency

Straight Truck "Swap Body" Overview

The Complete Story

Load and Deliver Simultaneously!

The System pays for itself quickly by eliminating downtime while increasing efficiency. It drives profits directly to your bottom line in the following ways:

  • Make more deliveries per shift
  • Drivers don't wait while truck is being loaded
  • Workers don't wait for truck to return to load
  • Trucks depart earlier & spend less time at dock
  • Less equipment and labor necessary
  • Eliminates overtime and second shifts
  • Utilize different types of bodies on the same truck
  • Grow by adding bodies instead of new trucks
  • Maximizes your fleet investment
  • No more staging and double-handling

Demountable Concepts:

  • Does not build truck bodies or sell/lease vehicles
  • Provides the Demountable System components
  • Works with your truck and body providers
  • Installs System into leased and purchased equipment
  • Has installation centers throughout North America

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Please call 1-800-254-3643 or click “get started” today to find out how the Warehouse on Wheels System eliminates the need for regional warehouses or cross-docks when expanding into new markets.

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Printable Demountable Concept Diagram

Demountable Truck Body System: Deliver with One Body on the Truck While Another is Loaded at Your Facility. Swap in 10 Minutes. Save Time, Reduce Costs.

Demountable Concepts is an MVP member of the National Truck Equipment Association.
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