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Demountable Concepts has service and installation centers throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. For immediate service call toll free at 1-800-254-3643. Our experts will be happy to answer technical questions for clients, and potential clients, regarding Demountable Truck Body Systems.

For parts orders, our same day shipping policy on all standard stocked items means that you will receive your items as quickly as possible.

Toll Free: (800) 254.3643
Local:  (856) 863.0900
Fax: (856) 863.6704


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Service Manuals
Demountable Truck Body System™
(Hydraulic Straight Truck)
Warehouse On Wheels™
(Tractor and Trailer)

Chassis Lift Low Voltage Controller (LVC) Users Guide (Sept. 2012)

Chassis Lift Controller (LVC) Instructions (Sept. 2012)

Chassis Lift Manual & Maintenance Guide

90-Day Maintenance Check List - Straight Truck

Chassis Lift Grease (Diagram)

Demounting a Truck Body

Mounting a Freestanding Body

Straight Truck Check List

Straight Truck Check List (Spanish)

Demountable Equipment Pre & Post Inspection Report

Troubleshooting Guide

Chassis Lift Wiring - Low Voltage Controller (Diagram)

Chassis Lift Wiring (Diagram)

Bleeding Instructions for Existing Equipment

Bleeding Instructions for New System

Check and Set Hydraulic Pressure Instructions

Instructions on Aligning Hooks on Chassis Lift

4-Way Light Plug (Diagram)

7-Way Wire (Diagram)

Annual Leg Maintenance Program

Body Builder Instructions

Tractor Lift and Lower Control Installation and Instruction Manual

Warehouse on Wheels Wiring Guide

Rail Trailer Instruction Manual & Maintenance Guide

Rail Trailer Operating and Maintenance Manual - Detailed

Demountable Trailer Maintenance Check List

Rail Trailer Operator's Quick Guide (Diagram)

Rail Trailer Operator's Quick Guide (Diagram) - Spanish

Annual Leg Maintenance Program



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